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Sarina became attracted to the difficult and delicate nature of  porcelain and immediately felt a deep connection to the  material. With a patient attitude, porcelain became an inquiry  into her hands’ work and the potential for form as expression. 

Séraphine Porcelain is a collection of natural vessels born form Sarina’s hand-held personal intuition, technical perseverance,  and letting go. Each piece is unique in form and design and  made in New York City. The vessels are porcelain, hand built,  painted with glaze by hand, and high fired. A matte black glaze  is painted on top of a white glaze, which when fired at a high temperature breaks as a rich blue. Other traditional glaze  applications used are cobalt painted under a clear glaze. Sarina’s background as a painter combined with her hands’  personal vocabulary of forms in porcelain became Séraphine  Porcelain. Séraphine Porcelain Collection is a contemporary  yet nostalgic interpretation of classical ceramic technique,  history, and applications from Chinese, Islamic, Italian, Korean,  Japanese, Mexican, Dutch and Danish Pottery. 

Sarina also creates terra cotta figures and sculptures in  porcelain and white stone ware. She is interested in exploring through personal means how human nature and nature itself can  integrate into sculpture.